Rich is a songwriter at heart with a sound that is part American Folk, part Southern Rock, and part Mississippi Delta.  His songs live to tell great stories.  Currently out of Newberry, PA Rich has called many places home and strives to draw from the lives of those around him when writing.  After roughly a decade away from live music, Rich is back at it ahead of the release of his first solo album, Looking for the Devil… a long overdue project.

Crafting catchy songs with influences stretching pop, rock, soul, funk and hip hop, Philly based band Thoughts were formed in south Florida during the summer of 2017 by multi-instrumentalist/singer Angel Leiser and Benny Rothschild. Thoughts began touring across the East Coast and playing shows around South Florida promoting new music and the band. After a few years of touring, the band realized the scope and ambition of the music they wanted to create and decided to relocate to Philadelphia. After the relocation, they focused on fine-tuning their group and are now working on releasing new music under a new label, Skylyne Music Group.

With an unusually large number of musicians comes an unusually large palette with which to paint. Big Fat Meanies strives to write music with an infinite palette, without boundaries or limitations. Their songs blur the lines between genres, and blend the different musical backgrounds of each member in perfect harmony. Their debut album The Time Has Come… reflects these qualities, and combines an eclectic mix of rock influenced sounds that collide into a monstrous nautical themed soundscape.


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Jordan Zabady is a beatboxer, multi-instrumentalist, live loop artist, and producer performing new material from his most recent solo project: Computer Machine. By combining analog synthesizers, vocoders, drum machines, beatbox, electric guitar, piano and live performance, the entire production introduces a transportive nostalgic glimpse into the future. Jordan also performs as a beatboxer in Des Sera, a Harrisburg, PA based 5 piece experimental band that produces a heavily improvised sound featuring manipulated vocals and instrumentation.

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Hailing from Mechanicsburg, PA, Kevin Neidig is an award winning Americana singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist whose sound mixes elements of Darrell Scott, Bela Fleck, Tony Rice and other like artists and more. His latest album Writing with Fire and also his current musical project “instrumental Monthly” (a new subscription service) can be found on his website. Kevin also teaches a wide range of instrument online through zoom.