Jordan Zabady is a beatboxer, multi-instrumentalist, live loop artist, and producer performing new material from his most recent solo project: Computer Machine. By combining analog synthesizers, vocoders, drum machines, beatbox, electric guitar, piano and live performance, the entire production introduces a transportive nostalgic glimpse into the future. Jordan also performs as a beatboxer in Des Sera, a Harrisburg, PA based 5 piece experimental band that produces a heavily improvised sound featuring manipulated vocals and instrumentation.

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Hailing from Mechanicsburg, PA, Kevin Neidig is an award winning Americana singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist whose sound mixes elements of Darrell Scott, Bela Fleck, Tony Rice and other like artists and more. His latest album Writing with Fire and also his current musical project “instrumental Monthly” (a new subscription service) can be found on his website. Kevin also teaches a wide range of instrument online through zoom.



New World Parade is an original music project from Central Pennsylvania. Although their progressive music influences are clear, their music is distinctly unique. NWP is made of like-minded musicians who can musically "turn on a dime". They move from high energy burns to utter spaciousness and everywhere in-between within any given performance. New World Parade is constantly pushing their own musicianship forward while continuing to write music that connects with rock and jazz fans alike.


Music from a semi-tortured mind. Ed Allison is an Emo/pop punk singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

With songs about broken hearts, growing up, losing friends, and losing sanity, Ed brings a fresh look at the classic Emo and pop punk sound. Drawing influence from bands like Motion City Soundtrack, The Wonder Years, and Can't Swim, he pours his soul into his music through guitars and personal, striking lyrics.


Based out of Lancaster PA,The Justin Angelo Band is a staple of the Lancaster Music Scene,with songwriting along with the lines of John Mayer & Dave Mathews with a twist.

The band is a ensemble of Highly trained Musicians bringing backgrounds of Funk,Jazz,R&B,Rock and Soul to the table.