What we Created


Each month we will have two nights of open mic where musicians can play two songs with a band.  This performance will be filmed, audio recorded and mixed, then saved to our archives. 


In addition, each month we will have two nights of band performances; one night will be an acoustic singer songwriter act, and one night will be a full band performing for 45 minutes.  After each show we will be interviewing each band member and taking live questions to interview the band members.  This platform also gives the bands an opportunity to introduce their merchandise, upcoming albums, shows, and what they have been working on.



Hi.  My name is Jamie Fuhrman.  I am a drummer, recording artist, pro-teacher, and audio technician.  I was born in 1982 and started my journey as a drummer at age 3, following the footsteps of my father.  I have been blessed to learn from some of the greatest influences in the music industry and attended some of the greatest academies, including Berklee College of Music and the Stanton Moore Drum Academy.  Also, I have been lucky enough to study under Clyde Lucas, Jim Payne, Peter Erskine, Dave Wekl and Mike Johnston.  I have been playing venues, recording with artists and filming content for over 25 years. 


I recently started thinking of an idea for students to be able to perform with real time live musicians and experience playing for an audience.  I wanted to complete the music circle and give my students a chance to connect their talents with other musical players.  I thought it would be a great idea to film and record their performances and to be able to play songs with other students from local music schools.  Together, with a local artist, Justin Angelo, we started working on a platform for artists and fans.  We wanted this experience to connect the music industry in all ways, so we decided to add band performances also.  I just want to share the joy of musical creators with musical lovers and create a place where our talents can shine together.

My name is Justin Angelo and I am a 28-year-old singer-songwriter, musician, branding consultant, and entrepreneur from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


I grew up in a small town, listening to my father Randy Angelo play music in clubs, bars and regional venues, I started taking guitar lessons at the age of 13 under Trey Alexander (Guitar Player Magazine Contest Winner (2006) I played in metal bands for a few years until I learned about how in-depth the recording process really was, I then took classes in Manhattan, NY from Avid (Pro Tools) Promedia Training and got Certified in Audio Engineering (Music Recording) in 2014 I then returned home to hit the ground running playing at multiple music conferences, festivals, and venues across the states where I learned how to network and “brand” yourself properly. Soon after I started having musician friends call and ask me questions about how to “improve” their game and soon enough “Advice Giver” didn’t quite encompass the conversations being had between local/regional artists. 


I since have opened for a few national & international artists and continue to grind away with the “Justin Angelo Band” I’ve studied everything from song structure to self-branding for each genres target market and even fashion. I’ve created everything from my social platforms, website, graphic design, film & videos as well as recorded my own album, and produced singles for other upcoming songwriters like myself. Building the music community means a lot to me especially and I believe a rising tide raises all ships.


When I got with Jamie I found his idea of (CSSO) so intriguing that I thought on how it could be expanded to include all independent or unrepresented artists, regional and local alike, I wanted to create a space where artists can be on a “Roster” to help them get discovered and even more importantly booked out to perform their art. I thought about how some of the best music I’ve fallen for has been in front of a stage and not from a pop radio station and I wanted to bring that into a showcase for other music fans to be able to discover the real working musicians, weekend warriors and passionate creators alike.